Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hepatitis C awareness programs in Egypt have no impact on the epidemic

New data generated by the Egyptian Demographic Health Survey which included a representative sample of the Egyptian population shows that:

The prevalence of hepatitis C virus (HCV) in those who have heard of HCV is the same as those who have not heard of HCV. (14.0% compared to 14.1%) See results of these data at www.hcvegypt.com.

If the many public funded and privately funded HCV awareness projects in Egypt have had an impact on HCV, then it is logic that those who have heard of HCV would have a lower prevalence of HCV compared to those who have not.

The Egyptian awareness projects failure can be understood by understanding how this virus is transmitted from one person to another. This is a blood borne virus also known as a blood borne pathogen. The behavior of average people does not play a role in the transmission of these viruses. By far, blood borne pathogens are transmitted iatrogenically. This means by the practice of medical and dental care. Prevention of blood borne pathogens is primarily by strengthening and enforcing infection control measures. Egypt has a huge infection control problem and very little has been done to change this.

In fact the Egyptian National Committee for the control of HCV has not only done nothing by way of prevention of HCV but has actually obstructed prevention efforts.

Efforts are needed to change prevention from being directed at people to being directed at medical and dental care providers.

Visit http://www.hcvegypt.com/ to learn more.

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